About Us

About Us

We Extend A Helping Hand

Lebialem Medics abbreviated “LEBIAMEDS” is a non-profit organization of health personnel from Lebialem (Division in Cameroon) all around the world. We aim at, making health care more accessible among the less privileged, foster fraternity and encourage health volunteerism. An initiative of Dr Motaze Sinjou, Urologist and Lecturer at the Faculty of Health Science University of Buea Cameroon and Prof Asongalem, Director of academic affairs in the university of Buea. 


Our Mission

To foster fraternity and education among members. Organizing health campaigns and charity causes in under-privileged communities and conflict zones.

Our Vision

Motto: A healthy Community, A Healthy Nation. We strive towards Poverty alleviation, and universal health coverage for all Cameroonians.

Our Values

Simplistic health care delivery, Commitment, Community empowerment, Compassion for the poor and absolute respect for human life.

Completed Projects
People Reached
Our Causes

Popular Causes

Our upcoming projects/Causes

Lebiameds Health Campaign 2021

Organizing a health campaign mid next year in the Alou Health District.

Stop Child Labour & Promote Education

Child labour impedes progress towards achieving the SDGs.

Promote Vocational Training for Women

To train 150 vulnerable young women in poor neighborhoods.

What We Do?

We Facilitate Health Care Delivery
and Poverty Alliviation

LEBIAMEDS is committed towards community driven solutions to take health care to poor localities and rural areas of Camerroon.

Health Talks

We have as primary commitment, making health care accessible to the most remote areas of Cameroon using affordable and scalable solutions.

Social Engagement

Lebiameds have as engagement to mediate access to clean drinking water,  & advocate for health care, through structured community programs.

Stop Child Labour

Child labor represent a significant problem in Cameroon, we aim to help in its elimination, and promote education for all children, in conflict zones.

Engage in Charity

We commit ourselves ,through solicited support, to  helpchildren in charity homes, orphanages, IDPs in Conflict zones and poor people in rural areas.

Meet Our Team

Our Top Volunteers

They strive everyday to keep us going!

Dr Motaze Sinju


Dr Asonglefac Bertrand

Secretary General

Dr Folefac Laura

Vice President

Dr Ngunyi Yannick

Media Coordinator

Dr Nembulefac Derick

Financial Secretary

Dr Forchap Milton

Sport Coordinator

Dr Leku Brice


Mr Atabong Nelson

Public Relation Officer